Urban jungle in the middle of the Krasnodar city park.


From the very beginning, the interior of the restaurant was conceived as a continuation of the surrounding landscape, therefore the interior design continues the theme of nature: flowerpots, green walls, and metal water lilies on the ceiling.


The architect of the restaurant wished to create a “Mysterious Forest” with artificial lighting, in the other words a contrasting scenario to the daytime appearance of the restaurant. Krasnodar is located in the southern part of Russia, therefore, has lots of sunlight all year round. The request was to design a contrasting and unusual atmosphere for visitors accustomed to bright daylight.


We aim our task to create a visual atmosphere where the visitors could rest after a long walk in the park not only for their bodies but also for their eyes. 


The choice was made in favor of accent lighting that precisely distributes light only where it is needed, while the luminaires themselves should dissolve in the interior. In addition to functional tasks, light attracts visitors’ attention to what is interesting and important, emphasizes the texture, decorative elements, and creates a special magical atmosphere.



Architect: MAXIM RYMAR archistudio

Lighting equipment: Reggiani, Delta Light, iLed, custom made luminaires


Photo — Илья Иванов




Burger Bar


Lighting concept and project development for 70 seats' restaurant.