I work on projects from scratch, starting with an idea or concept design, and also helping to refine/modify the lighting scheme that already exists.


Importantly, in developing a lighting system, I always proceed from the goals and special characteristics of the space.

Lighting for life.

I don't believe in concept of "technical lighting", something that one has to put up with in projects (appearance, size, location of lighting fixtures). Any interior or exterior lighting should be fitted into and harmonized with relevant space as best as possible.  We do our best to choose very discrete equipment to meet lighting needs and create a distinctive image of space.


Customized design.

Lighting attuned to the client’s needs and lifestyle and user-friendliness.


Independent design.

I am not tied to any particular brand, which makes it possible to develop lighting designs based on the best possible solutions for space and oriented to any budget.

Lighting design project

Work on a project consists of several stages:


Stage I. Development of a lighting design concept. Presentation.

Stage II. Execution of drawings and preparation of specifications.

Stage III. Site supervision and light adjustment.



Prompt solutions within time and budget constraints for the completion of a comprehensive lighting design if you need help:

—  in defining the principles of lighting design and working out specific design solutions at an early design stage;

—  in modifying the existing solutions;

—  in selecting equipment.

Lectures and workshops 

Theoretical knowledge and practical classes on lighting design for architects and designer. Themes, place, time and duration of courses are determined depending on the client’s goals. Online classes are an option.


Lighting Design course

Annual additional education course in lighting design at the MARCH Architecture School 



At what stage of the project development is the best to involve a lighting designer?

The first consultation with a lighting designer is desirable at the initial stage of  an interior design / architectural concept. This will help to determine the light image of the space, take into account design features, correctly plan the budget for lighting equipment and lighting control.

What lighting equipment do you work with?

I work with all manufacturers available in the design region. For each project, I choose the best solution based on the project budget, lighting tasks and architectural features of the space.

What is the difficulty in choosing luminaire?

With the advent of the LED era, the choice of luminaires is no longer limited to the design and power of the fixtures. LEDs impose both their own limitations and offer many advantages over traditional lamps. Unlike traditional lamps, the quality and beauty of the light beam depends on the quality of the LED chip and on the optics of the lighting fixtures itself. In my projects, I choose only proven luminaires with the best beam characteristics, color rendering and performance.

What types of projects are you working with?

I work on almost all types of projects: private and public interiors, facade and landscape lighting and light masterplanning. Exceptions are special design areas such as sports lighting, lighting for special areas such as saunas and hammams, etc.