In order for the new Shopping Center to blend harmoniously into the urban light environment, we analyzed its location. On one side of the Shopping Center, there is Kutuzovsky Prospekt, which requires bright lighting solutions to be visible from the highway, on the other - Slavyansky Boulevard, which is more pedestrian, requiring quiet and more comfortable lighting, attractive to pedestrians and visitors to the Shopping Center.


Based on the key elements of the facade, such as the perforated skin of the false facade surrounding the building of the Shopping Center, a lighting solution was proposed that most favorably emphasizes the architectural forms and the main idea of ​​the lighting concept is to revitalize the entire facade with dynamic colored light.


The lighting concept is based on the technology used for the implementation of architectural media facades. This kind of solution makes it possible to use the facades surfaces as efficiently and attractively as possible. The technical implementation of the idea is based on the illumination of the main facade of the building and, as a secondary effect, the selection of the external, second facade, consisting of perforated material on the backlight.


The concept was developed in cooperation with the company Point of Support


Architect - Asadov Architectural Bureau

Facades of the shopping center Oceania


Facade lighting concept design