The Atom Pavilion, dedicated to the nuclear industry, will become a new place of power and a center of attraction at VDNKh. The building, which will have three underground and four above-ground floors, will house a large-scale exposition that fascinatingly tells visitors of all ages about the nuclear industry from different points of view: historical, scientific, cultural, and so on. The concept and design project of the exposition was developed by the Lorem Ipsum team.

The pavilion exposition consists of several thematic zones, each of which has its own history and its own type of exposition narrative. Among the techniques used are complex immersive spaces that carefully and reliably reconstruct historical circumstances; large installations that clearly demonstrate the achievements of the nuclear industry; multimedia and interactive exhibits that ensure the interaction of visitors with the content of the pavilion, as well as a separate educational and play area for children and teenagers.


The lighting design challenge was to provide the required light levels and highlight the exposure while maintaining the temporal authenticity of each of the historic areas.


The building is being built according to the project of the Russian bureau UNK Project.


Exposition Architects: Lorem Ipsum Corp


Pavilion "Atom" 

Moscow, Russia

Lighting concept and project development.