The stadium became that rare case in Russian practice, when they did not save on materials, especially lighting, but, on the contrary, paid special attention to the quality of light and the creation of a particular lighting atmosphere.


As in any interior, the lighting of the stadium serves the functional use of the space and at the same time closely follows the architectural idea of ​​the interior.


The Client proposed to consider the sports facility as a huge theater where performances full of dramatic experiences are played. That is why the task of lighting was not an easy one. On the one hand, these are public spaces with high traffic and crowds, where it is required to comply with certain standards of illumination and its uniformity.


On the other hand, these are large spaces that needed to be visually divided to create additional navigation and bring drama into the space, while avoiding monotony in the light scenes.


With the help of correctly planed lighting, it was possible not only to meet and guide visitors throughout the place, without allowing them to get confused in the corridors and sections of the stadium but also to give a unique feeling, making every visit to matches an event from the very entrance to the stadium.


Architect: MAXIM RYMAR archistudio

Lighting Equipment: Delta Light

Photo — Илья Иванов


FC Krasnodar stadium


Lighting of public areas of the stadium.