Mimi Castle in Moldova is the only chateau in the country, opened in 2017 for visitors after a lengthy restoration. The architecture of the facades and interiors, carefully restored from surviving photographs, was supplemented by a palace park designed by the architect Arnaldo Tranti.


The discreet chamber lighting of the complex helps to enjoy the beauty of a country estate and feel the connection of times. In the park, precise accent lighting solutions give the feeling of a holiday, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of architecture and the light silence of suburban life.
At the same time, in the wine cellars of the castle, minimalistic lighting on the verge of light and darkness helps to travel back in time and appreciate the grandeur of the castle, built in the pre-electric era.


Architect — Арнальдо Транти

Equipment — Delta Light


Wine castleMimi

Chisinau, Moldova

Lighting for facades, park territory and wine cellars